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Bright Room
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Are you a landlord who is tired of receiving calls from your tenant at all hours of the day?


Are you tired of small repairs and running after your tenants for little things or even your money? 

Are you someone looking for a rental?


Check out our available rental addresses, and call David to book a viewing of the place, Alternatively email us!

Bright Room

If you are...

Call the Diamond Property Management team!

Call the professionals at Diamond Property Management, we will manage your property, from top to bottom! We will; look after maintenance and repairs, do background checks on prospective tenants upon request and take care of tenant concern. We also offer other important managing services. You call us and do nothing else! We have, Competitive rates and excellent service! We will manage your properties in northeastern Ontario including Cochrane, Smooth Rock Falls, Iroquois Falls, Matheson, Timmins etc. We are well experienced with the landlord/tenant board, and we are ready to take on your property! (Discount offered on 10 or more units)

* for more information please feel free to contact us!
*for a rough quote estimate please contact David!


Hours of operation: 
9am - 4pm daily 
tenants please do not hesitate to call David for emergency's after hours 

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